Cricket Cat Camping

Most of my neighbors don’t know it, but my unknown vital task of finding nails on our dirt roads has saved them many trips to the tire store. I’d rarely walk North without finding a construction nail somewhere. Without North we do a quick lap around the block but not the long walks he required. He was a neighborhood hero and we never knew. Made my first trip for tire repair the other day.

Four months out and still get a little twinge walking past the dog treat aisle. When people tell their dog stories we can only recount the past. 😕 We are now in the realm of cat people. However, people we encounter on trails, now let us stop and pet their pooch vs fearfully clutching little Fifi to their chest or guiding their dog in a wide swath around North. That’s something I suppose.

Making the transition, much to her chagrin, Zoey is now the focus. She has adapted to being in the trailer, finds her blanket and settles in. We all slept in there with no escape attempts. That was Phase 1 of Cricket Trailer Cat Camping. Phase 2- Harness training… will take more time. This is a cat, who once upon a time got her pretty pink collar off and we later found it in a field- shredded.

Why bother you ask? I think we all need a project….or we do. Zoey alerts and searches when we play a North talking video. She misses him too. But mostly, she probably misses being left alone to live her cat life of coming and going and sleeping whenever, wherever she pleases. Harness training advice welcomed!

Zoey’s personal picture window.
“The weight is more than I can bear!”

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I am an author. I released Whispers for Terra in April 2021. Currently working on my 2nd. For decades I loved my career as a speech language pathologist. Authentic communication is paramount in my life. I am a prolific journaler and aspiring thinker, and very pet controlled. I am on a journey to find my voice and help others find theirs.

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  1. I met a man who had his cat on a leash in the hardware store. He told me for training, he would take his cat on a leash for a walk in the morning dew on the grass. The cat did not lie down in the wet grass and picked up its feet as they walked. He takes the cat everywhere now.

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