Deeper Beneath the Cone of Silence-

I have most of 4 days under my belt. The hours of continued silence have decreased from 168 to 58. It’s a true social experiment, particularly coming from a Speech Pathologist. I have told people I will either be a blabbering dolt talking completely unfiltered or I will be peaceful as shit. Jury is still out.

Zoey has helped me lay low….cats can exude peace when not exuding crazy.

📣 Having lived with me for 30+ years, my husband believes he deserves an honorary Speech Pathology degree. He’s right! Most spouses know we talk shop a LOT. He knows my hearing did not change from voice surgery. Hell, he could even tell you the anatomy of the 2 systems. But still, he finds himself over and over and over, talking to me veRY loudLY. 📣📢

My sounds-like-Lilith -TEXT App has been incredible for letting me engage. I mastered the pitch and speaking rate, so Jon no longer cringes each time I speak.

Yet, there’s been a welcoming of this imposed silence. Being a social introvert, having a reason for NOT engaging has its sweet spot. 🌺 I find myself weighing how important it IS that I say that thing. Is it really value-added or just banter. I love me good banter, but turns out- not particularly necessary.

Plus, banter moves fricking fast. Topics have moved on as I scurry to type my witty remark leaving me to click, ‘clear’ and await my next opportunity. Even with encountering extreme patience from others, I have been walked away from numerous times because well, banter, dialogue, life moves on. Oh my thought.

Decades on decades ago I visited a friend in Germany where we spent most of a week hearing German only. She knew some German, I knew nichts. I did a good deal of smiling and nodding, while connecting to how my communication impaired patients must feel. I remember I felt stupid and wanted to show the Germans my brilliant mind. Instead, I only smiled and nodded, offering my best engaged look. This time around everyone knows my self proclaimed brilliance so it’s not been a big deal. I am finding calm with not needing to add. It’s amazing what you hear when just listening.

The value of Listening quotes

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I am an author. I released Whispers for Terra in April 2021. Currently working on my 2nd. For decades I loved my career as a speech language pathologist. Authentic communication is paramount in my life. I am a prolific journaler and aspiring thinker, and very pet controlled. I am on a journey to find my voice and help others find theirs.

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