Clearing the residue of the day

This morning I read a newsletter from a site named Peer Circle. (**see reference at the end) One article was celebrating the changing seasons. In it there’s a beautifully written line: “We are comforted by the winter rhythms of filling the bird feeders and the wood crib.”  I don’t know about yours, but I findContinue reading “Clearing the residue of the day”

Do you ever regret what you wrote?

I know I said I would next be writing about the residue of the day, but as often happens in journaling, something else has bubbled up. I decided to go with it. A friend recently asked me if I have ever re-read what I’d written and regretted my words. She stopped journaling because she had.Continue reading “Do you ever regret what you wrote?”

When and how much to journal

One of the early instrumental pieces I read that involved journaling was Julia Cameron’s, The Artist’s Way (from the 1990s). It was primarily about nurturing your creativity but she recommended a journaling method called, “Morning Pages”. I tried journaling in the mornings but it didn’t always work for me. I believe journaling is best done,Continue reading “When and how much to journal”