Two sides of every coin…

Today is Earth Day. I joke in my novel Whispers for Terra that in my neck of the woods I can expect ❄️❄️ on Earth Day. Yep. Two inches so far. Alas, true spring will come soon. The arriving geese remind me so. The NO PASTIC JULY challenge was nine months ago. I am stillContinue reading “Two sides of every coin…”

March Madness..not just for men..

Welcome to March Madness….does basketball have your attention, or is it the spring weather? Maybe it’s Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day. For me, March and madness go together this year. I have been all kinds of surly about the fact that we even need a month dedicated to Women’s History. It’s bothered meContinue reading “March Madness..not just for men..”