Representation does matter

Ears are now tuning into the concept of representation matters whether it’s for employment, sports, TV and movies, advertisements, education or government. It was introduced to me by Antero Garcia, a speaker at a diversity conference through my school system. Adolescents needing to have their experiences reflected, see their faces in school, YA novels, wasContinue reading “Representation does matter”

Smashing resistance

Ok, may be not smashing, maybe not even acknowledging….in fact more like running the other direction only to have resistance circle around and smash into me again. Then to have the newly recognized resistance pair up with an old one, build more strength and smash into me again. That’s been my month as I grappleContinue reading “Smashing resistance”


Every.single.time I hear a story about the Suffragettes I am awe struck with admiration. I love when their life’s work anniversary comes around and people remember. It’s not just the decades on decades, they persevered to legalize the women’s voting rights; I am awed they never let opposition presented as criticism, hatred, and even brutalityContinue reading “Marginalized”

Faces of anxiety

Working in the school system, I definitely know kids show the exact same emotion in multitudes of ways. Some clearly, some make ya guess, some productively, some not so much. While listening to a webinar about anxiety in school-age students, the speaker described the manifestation of what we see… disconnecting, overload, walking out, or quiet,Continue reading “Faces of anxiety”