Isn’t something better than nothing?

Drop by drop is the water bucket filled. (wise author at bottom)

Walk with me to my way-back machine….While in my 20s at a wedding, I was talking with a passionate new dentist. I was not much of a flosser in those days… a couple days a week. His words? Don’t even bother, I wasn’t doing a bit of good. That made NO sense. I continued on my merry way; two days became four, then five, and now it just feels grimy to go one day without flossing. Maybe habit became obsession…but I have my teeth.

Isn’t it better to exercise 2 days a week than none? Isn’t it better to save some money than none? Isn’t better to clean periodically than never? Isn’t it better to use less plastic than use all plastic? In my world, a resounding YES!

I am too lazy to research, but based on my know it all perspective, habit forming can take a long LONG time and require many re-starts and adjustments. If it’s important to you, never berate yourself for tripping off a path or taking the low road. After a month of out of body experiences, observing how easy it was to grab plastic, my reaches ARE shifting. It is now easier to grab the glass container. It’s easier to grab the foil. I still have not re-embraced beeswax, but never say ‘why bother’. Oh! A friend gave a good tip… if using wax paper or beeswax…putting a rubber band around it, holds it in place better.

Keep walking, keep trying, keep forging on….

Abe Lincoln said- Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most.

Buddha is worth repeating- Drop by drop is the water pot filled

I would love to hear about habits you are trying to embrace or things that have worked for you.

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I am an author. I released Whispers for Terra in April 2021. Currently working on my 2nd. For decades I loved my career as a speech language pathologist. Authentic communication is paramount in my life. I am a prolific journaler and aspiring thinker, and very pet controlled. I am on a journey to find my voice and help others find theirs.

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